7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Anne sillly question were you at the Thekla tonight ? The band was boxed in ? I swear I saw you & you were alone by the mixing desk ? I wanted to come & say hi but was a little shy!!

      1. Sorry I don’t mean to spook you never my intention. I just know you from music you have done online & I recognized you from Come Dine With Me. I saw you in the show & looked up your site. I am always interested in art, music etc. Hope that eases your concerns.

  2. Unfortunately Anne I have not had the pleasure as yet! Did you enjoy the show ? Hope you don’t mind me saying but you are absolutely stunning. In hindsight I should have spoken to you but I was not sure if you would want to be distributed.

  3. I don’t use Facebook now too many ads & very corporate I find. You can follow me on Twitter @songyettobesung I will follow back definitely!

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