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Raj Panjabi was born in Liberia, but his family fled civil war when he was nine. He returned as a medical student — and went on to found Last Mile Health. Photo: Courtesy of Last Mile Health It sounds simple enough: If you’re sick, you make an appointment with a doctor, and if it’s an…

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Washing Machine, for Anne Gallien

Oh Lewis! There was definitely something magic in the air…un je ne sais quoi…this little spot with the safety ring, it felt like a stage…you sitting with your typewriter machine..then me filming…around…explaining on camera that I used to walk there 19years ago. London first love and still feels like yesterday, I walked there on the bankside so many times headphones on, getting lost into imaginative stories, imagining people walking naked with a bow on only. Then, that day, I decided to walk without any headphones to connect with the eyes around. Then I stopped by the poet for hire. There was some kind of sacred geometry going on, the positioning of Lewis the poet, Anne the reiki singer and Nim the Australian having his lunchbreak. Connections on. The next 10 mins, Lewis received a reiki with Anne and Anne invited Nim to her DJ night in Dalston at the Kingshead club.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ with Reiki


Salut my lovelies!

How are you doing today?

Comment Ça va aujourd’hui?

Yes I am sharing with you my own experience,

it is the whole point of a blog, innit?

so that you can relate to it

I was scared of change because I used to be forced to change without having the choice


I have decided to CHANGE


once you CHOoSE to change

it is a total different mindset


My sankalpa of the day ( the heartfelt intention): I am open to change for the better, bring it on!

I recite this sankalpa first thing in the morning

and last thing before going to bed

Choose your intention,

always in present tense

example: I am abundance /I have a wonderful relationship with my partner

song of the day: Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing 

I am offering Reiki and massage therapy, donations only

Why donations only?

because I believe in natural healing,

I have been experiencing the decluttering and have been helping people to ditch their emotional pain

We are all E-Motions =

E-Motion = moving energy

natural healing comes from the heart

the foundation of my work is based on benefiting people

I love sharing, giving and loving

planting seeds of goodness

realign with yourself- reconnect – be ENERGY

natural healing is priceless

my aim is to make YOU laugh, make YOU think and make YOU feel warmer inside

YOU are LoVed

Keep Shining!

 reiki on

Sending you REIKI to maintain

 balance, clarity, energy and peace


Autumn, feet on the earth – CONNECT

Bonjour my lovelies!

share with us

how do YOU reconnect with yourself?

whenever I feel gloomy potatoes

This is how I reconnect with myself – Nature

merci air, earth and trees

this is where I socialise with

kindness, grace and gratitude

On that note,

Keep Shining….YOU are LoVed!

click on picture for a bit of fresh air


Tune of the day: Dee Dee Sharp- I really love you

Arthur the dog says : “Why can’t we live together?” PEACE

Arthur the dog says:

Why can’t we live together?

I may scare you because I look rough

LoOk into my eyes

LoOk beyond my skin

I am nothing but cotton inside

Get to Know me before judging me

No need to fear me

I am only LoVe



Listen to the lyrics, Sing and dance on this little tune from Timmy Thomas  “Why can’t we live together?”


Embrace zee change within you

someone reached me with this message:

I’ve been in a dark fearful place feeling unloved and distrusting in my relationship with my lover and life in general- been processing a whole lot of pain that comes from way back. Feeling I can’t function and walk strong in this world without the protection and love of a significant other- looking for my absent father- looking for the unconditional and eternal, feeling without that I am nothing and can do nothing- then I thought of you, your strength and dedication to be true to yourself and love yourself and how you manage to do that with the trauma of having lost your parents…

I replied

Where do you feel it on your body?

this recurrent pain? this silent crying of your soul?

give it a name –

let’s call it Daphné

Talk to it- “I am here for you Daphné”

that’s what the past wounds want to hear for healing

It’s about re -parenting yourself

To heal the child in you to feel safe once for all

No one can reassure you apart from yourself

A woman bends

A girl breaks

The adult in you can take care of this

This strength that you are looking for

Is already in you

Accept your lack

Forgive yourself for feeling the lack

Give it a good smack ( a kiss or even a French kiss ;)on the cheek

Saying that you are here for Daphné

If Daphné is about missing your dad

Talk to your dad even if you can’t physically see him

Write him a letter

Read it out loud to a friend

This feeling you have might be from another entity in your past

And if it keeps coming back it’s because it needs healing

go for a family constellation

it will heal not only you but also your past, present and future

healing the souls of your ancestors and future IMG_0051

grab your soul

and train for reiki level 1

keep shining

you are loved!