Washing Machine, for Anne Gallien

Oh Lewis! There was definitely something magic in the air…un je ne sais quoi…this little spot with the safety ring, it felt like a stage…you sitting with your typewriter machine..then me filming…around…explaining on camera that I used to walk there 19years ago. London first love and still feels like yesterday, I walked there on the bankside so many times headphones on, getting lost into imaginative stories, imagining people walking naked with a bow on only. Then, that day, I decided to walk without any headphones to connect with the eyes around. Then I stopped by the poet for hire. There was some kind of sacred geometry going on, the positioning of Lewis the poet, Anne the reiki singer and Nim the Australian having his lunchbreak. Connections on. The next 10 mins, Lewis received a reiki with Anne and Anne invited Nim to her DJ night in Dalston at the Kingshead club.

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