‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ with Reiki


Salut my lovelies!

How are you doing today?

Comment Ça va aujourd’hui?

Yes I am sharing with you my own experience,

it is the whole point of a blog, innit?

so that you can relate to it

I was scared of change because I used to be forced to change without having the choice


I have decided to CHANGE


once you CHOoSE to change

it is a total different mindset


My sankalpa of the day ( the heartfelt intention): I am open to change for the better, bring it on!

I recite this sankalpa first thing in the morning

and last thing before going to bed

Choose your intention,

always in present tense

example: I am abundance /I have a wonderful relationship with my partner

song of the day: Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing 

I am offering Reiki and massage therapy, donations only

Why donations only?

because I believe in natural healing,

I have been experiencing the decluttering and have been helping people to ditch their emotional pain

We are all E-Motions =

E-Motion = moving energy

natural healing comes from the heart

the foundation of my work is based on benefiting people

I love sharing, giving and loving

planting seeds of goodness

realign with yourself- reconnect – be ENERGY

natural healing is priceless

my aim is to make YOU laugh, make YOU think and make YOU feel warmer inside

YOU are LoVed

Keep Shining!

 reiki on

Sending you REIKI to maintain

 balance, clarity, energy and peace


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