Embrace zee change within you

someone reached me with this message:

I’ve been in a dark fearful place feeling unloved and distrusting in my relationship with my lover and life in general- been processing a whole lot of pain that comes from way back. Feeling I can’t function and walk strong in this world without the protection and love of a significant other- looking for my absent father- looking for the unconditional and eternal, feeling without that I am nothing and can do nothing- then I thought of you, your strength and dedication to be true to yourself and love yourself and how you manage to do that with the trauma of having lost your parents…

I replied

Where do you feel it on your body?

this recurrent pain? this silent crying of your soul?

give it a name –

let’s call it Daphné

Talk to it- “I am here for you Daphné”

that’s what the past wounds want to hear for healing

It’s about re -parenting yourself

To heal the child in you to feel safe once for all

No one can reassure you apart from yourself

A woman bends

A girl breaks

The adult in you can take care of this

This strength that you are looking for

Is already in you

Accept your lack

Forgive yourself for feeling the lack

Give it a good smack ( a kiss or even a French kiss ;)on the cheek

Saying that you are here for Daphné

If Daphné is about missing your dad

Talk to your dad even if you can’t physically see him

Write him a letter

Read it out loud to a friend

This feeling you have might be from another entity in your past

And if it keeps coming back it’s because it needs healing

go for a family constellation

it will heal not only you but also your past, present and future

healing the souls of your ancestors and future IMG_0051

grab your soul

and train for reiki level 1

keep shining

you are loved!


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